My first hot yoga experience: Core Power Yoga

I have to admit something to you: in general, I find yoga to be pretty boring. It’s just so slow and relaxing, and let’s be honest, I’m clearly too high strung for meditation. I suppose this is precisely why I need to do more yoga. So, my friends convinced me to try out Core Power Yoga in NW. They have an awesome special where you can sign up for a week of free yoga which includes the ever so frightening HOT YOGA class.

I decided to take my first ever hot yoga class while Portland was going through a heatwave and I was sick with a nasty cold. This was maybe not the smartest decision I’ve ever made but I came armed with a box of tissues and two water bottles like a total nerd. Let me just start off by saying that hot yoga is no joke, guys. There’s a lot (I mean, A LOT) of sweating involved and I’m pretty sure it’s the most legal high you can get while exercising. It was mentally challenging and I may have gone through 102309173092173 tissues in the process, but I swear the amount of bodily expulsion helped me kick my cold and had me feeling totally detoxed.

Thankfully, the Core Power Yoga studio happens to be lovely and the instructors are helpful and stress going at your own pace and resting whenever you need to. Believe it or not, unlike what my brain imagined, the hot yoga room doesn’t look like anything like a furnace, or hell for that matter–it’s actually a big, beautiful, incredibly insulated room with a giant fan on the ceiling (that remains off during class and taunts you as you’re in upward-facing dog).

Like most yoga studios, expect to see a lot of beautiful (and intimidating) people in your class doing headstands with their abs exposed. Enjoy the view. Bring a towel for your mat so that you don’t slip from sweaty feet and drink plenty of water. You’ll walk out looking like a melted crayon version of yourself, but you’ll feel amazing for the rest of the day.

Core Power Yoga also offers a range of power and fusion yoga classes that are fun and challenging. This studio is definitely not the snooze-worthy yoga I had expected to endure.

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