My love/hate Pilates relationship: Studio Blue

Oh, pilates. I’m not quite sure how I feel about you yet. On one hand, I like that you’re supposed to make me long and lean since I come from good peasant stock. On the other hand, all of those small, isolated movements you’re all about are boring as shit.

There. I said it.

Now that I got that out of my system… Studio Blue Pilates has a week free special going on, y’all! I took advantage and went to a pilates mat class the other day. While I am by no means a pilates aficionado (clearly, by my introduction you’ve figured that out already), I’ve done a pilates workout tape or two in the past, so I am familiar with the yoga-esque poses and elegantly-worded sit-ups.

Upon entering the studio, I was surprised at how tiny it is. There are no locker rooms, but rather, a waiting area complete with couches and magazines almost like a doctor’s office… except with dim lights and patchouli. Studio Blue has multiple workout spaces in the back– one to house reformers (something I have never tried but want to try in the future!) and a bigger studio for mat class and TRX training (again. something that is on my exercise list). Oh… and there’s a lot of estrogen in that place; pretty much a scene from Mean Girls just everyone’s in spandex.

While I didn’t find the pilates class itself to be terribly challenging, it’s sneaky hard. A day after the fact my left leg won’t stop twitching on its own and my abs scream whenever I go from standing to sitting.

I’m hoping to try a couple of other classes that Studio Blue offers, but truth be told, the studio is so tiny that they manage class sizes by having you sign up for spots in advance and spots go quickly. In addition, they have some fun things offered mid-day which doesn’t coordinate well with my crazy life/work schedule.

The staff at Studio Blue are lovely so if your daytime hours are flexible and you’re into intimate exercise experiences, this place would be perfect for you. Oh, and you’d have to like pilates, of course. Let’s be real for a second: do people who like mat pilates actually exist? If so, I’d love to hear what the big whoop is since I’m clearly missing out.

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