Pole dancing with strangers

Dear Mom: please don’t read any further. 

Dear everyone else: pole dancing is wonderful and you should try it right now. GO!

The ladies of  Diva Den Studio were nice enough to invite me to try a pole dancing “taster” class the other day. I arrived with bells on (and by “bells” I really mean “booty shorts” because that is basically the only required attire) and walked into a room filled with black lights and disco balls. It was clear from the very first moment, that this class would be unlike any other workout I’ve tried before.

The class size was small and strictly beginner. This was a good thing because it meant that everyone there had made an unspoken pact not to judge one another and to cheer each other on through the awkwardness that comes alongside booty shaking and hair flipping amongst perfect strangers while sober.

Within 2 minutes of the class it dawned on why pole dancers are basically nekked: it’s not only because it’s sexy. It’s because you need your skin to grip the pole in order to do all of those sexy moves. OUCHIE! I have some nasty bruises to prove it including this hot number:


The class was one of the hardest strength training workouts I’ve ever experienced (you’re lifting your body weight up a pole for God’s sakes!), but it was also one of the most fun. I now know how to do two spins and can successfully get half-way up a pole and slide down without falling flat on my bum. Now that is a feat in and of itself.

This isn’t something I can just shout from the rooftops so I’ll just whisper it here on the Internet where we are all friends: I pole danced and I didn’t totally suck at it! I cannot confirm nor deny whether or not this is me or some other spectacular human being:


The best part about pole dancing is that you don’t have to be terribly coordinated to do it. As you may remember from my most recent dance escapade, I am a terrible, terrible, flail-y dancer. If I can pole dance, anyone can (and should!). I’m going back for more. If you’re interested in taking a class as well, check out Diva Den Studio. With the largest pole studio in the Northwest (9 poles!), their classes do not disappoint.

3 thoughts on “Pole dancing with strangers

  1. I’m a stripper and when I started I took pole classes to learn a few tricks. Your foot looks the same as mine did my entire first month of work. It is not an easy work out by any means. I’m glad you had fun and keep up with it!

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