It’s bring my daughter to workout day

I have a very opinionated baby at home. Her favorite words include “NO” and “avocado!” When she states the latter, she is not asking, she is merely warning that you  have approximately 5 seconds to get her some damn avocado before she freaks out all over this place, thank you very much. And so, getting out the door to go and exercise can be a bit of a song and dance that goes something like this:

“Mommy needs to go bye bye.”


“Okay, Mommy is going bye bye now,” I’ll give a little wave and start to walk away.

“NOOOOOOO!” She’ll scream and lunge for my legs.

I’ll look down at her, and she’ll undoubtedly have already conjured up a single tear to roll down her cheek (an art she has perfected that literally makes my heart hurt), “avocado!” she’ll say.

How am I supposed to leave this adorable, tiny, demanding human to go and exercise of all things? The good news is that I don’t always have to thanks to Baby Boot Camp. The class, like any other boot camp–just with sippy cups and jogging strollers–rotates between cardio and strength drills. Baby Boot Camp offers your first class for free and has a couple of locations in the Portland area. I, myself, am in love with the Beaverton class.

As long as it’s nice out, the class takes place outside. It’s fast paced, full of moms with kids from infancy through toddlerhood and all done to the soundtrack du baby. During the last class I took, my daughter led that chorus. Snuggly in her jogger, she screamed at me showing off lots of cheek tears as I did push-ups alongside a curb. When I mistakenly looked up at her, she tipped her child-proof snack container over and carefully opened the “child-proofed” flap spilling out all of her Cheerios onto the ground.

Just as I was about to stop my workout and congratulate her on outsmarting tupperware, the instructor whizzed by, grabbed my daughter’s stroller, jogged along the sidelines and lulled her into calm baby mode–all the while calling out that we do 15 more burpees!


Baby Boot Camp is a class taught by an ass-kicking-baby-whisperer. During stretches, everyone gets to take their kids out to play and they chat and plan future get-togethers. Clearly, Baby Boot Camp is way more than a workout and more of exercise hidden inside of a fun parents club. So, if you have an avocado-screaming child at home, this class is for you. You and your kids will make some friends while also getting in shape in the process.

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