Namaste… said the bat


So, that happened.

In case you were wondering what exactly that is, it’s called aerial yoga. And although I may be upside down and blood may have rushed to my head making me feel this way, my experience with aerial yoga is that it’s bat-like highly relaxing.

I walked into aerial yoga class at Diva Den Studio the other day sore. And, I mean SORE (see this chart for a visual reference of what exactly I mean by soreness). To be 100% honest, I was a little nervous about my ability to participate in the class given the state of my (OMG-can’t-even-sit-down-to-pee-SORE) muscles, but my curiosity about aerial yoga got the best of me. I told my muscles to suck it up and found myself in a studio full of ceiling hooks resembling that of rock climbing equipment.

Just like yoga on the ground, those participating in aerial yoga have their own mat space–except in aerial yoga you get not just one, but two mats criss cross applesauce style. There is also an individually-sized hammock that you hook up to the ceiling directly above your mats. Throughout the class you do traditional yoga poses with the addition of the hammock. At first, the hammock acts as a way to gently stretch into poses. For instance, if a regular yoga pose has a bent knee, you might use the hammock to hold that bend in the leg while you stand and stretch. Then there’s the cirque du soleil fun.

I’m not afraid of heights, but I did have a moment where I did a little prayer as I swung my legs up over my head and flipped backwards. Even though the hammock can withstand 1,000 lbs, there is nothing holding you into that hammock except yourself. That means that you have to create little holds with your appendages like one giant game of cat’s cradle in order to successfully flip without falling. Thankfully, the class went slow enough to make sure no accidents happened. This was a good thing for me considering I have trouble walking down stairs without tripping.

The class went quickly and the stretches seemed to be just the cure my sore muscles needed. At the end of the class we meditated inside of our hammocks. As my hammock rocked and I tried to clear my head I couldn’t help but wonder if that is how bats and caterpillars feel everyday. I’m sure this is actually very yogi of me. Namaste.

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