There goes one hardcore motherf*cker

This picture is not an accurate representation of Fierce Fitness‘ kickboxing class:


First of all, I am smiling. Second of all, I am punching wrong. This class is way too hardcore for that shit. Fierce Fitness is a studio in SW that offers your first kickboxing or boot camp class for free. Having done my fair share of Tae Bo DVDs, I was eager to try out their kickboxing class and show off some of my moves.

When I arrived at the studio, I discovered that it was only one room– one room lined with punching bags and an instructor (with quite possibly the most perfect arms to ever grace this planet) leading a class of sweaty individuals through fighting moves. This, my friends, is not DVD-style kickboxing. This is I-will-f-u-c-k-you-up-kickboxing.

I was given a pair of boxing gloves to borrow for the class and learned how to uppercut, side punch, forward punch and even kick in ways that made my leg feel like it used to belong to a ninja. I am not sure exactly when this happened, but my punching bag clearly wronged me in a past life (perhaps, when my leg was a ninja).

I have never beaten something up before, but that bag did not stand a chance (were it not encased in unbreakable material and also inanimate, it would have cried for its mama). This is FIERCE Fitness y’all. It is for FIERCE individuals and it is FIERCELY fun.

If you’re having a bad day, need to get out some aggression in a legal manner or just want to boost your street cred because you could probably do some damage were you actually ever in a back ally, this class is your jam. As I left Fierce Fitness, I turned to my friend who tried the class with me and proudly said, “We really kicked that punching bag’s ass, didn’t we?”

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