Boot camping my bum off

Once upon a time there was a girl named Aggie who decided to start an exercise blog and go to a boot camp class at Fierce Fitness. She frolicked and played with medicine balls while doing push-ups and jumping jacks. The next morning her muscles said “FFFFFF that” and they never spoke to one another again. She turned into JELL-O. The end.

In all seriousness, boot camp at Fierce Fitness is fun but no joke. As you may have read in my earlier post, I am no stranger to boot camp classes since I have been known to attend baby boot camp with my daughter. This class was a little different. For staters, there was no jogging stroller… although by the end of class, I wished there was one so that I could scoot my daughter to the side and take a nap in it by myself.

To help illustrate things, this is my face post-camp:


I’m not normally that pink. Or sweaty.

Boot camp at Fierce Fitness is similar to the kickboxing class that they offer. Since it is a kickboxing studio first and foremost, their boot camp class borrows a lot of boxing moves–everything is just done at a faster pace and not as focused around proper fighting form. Think: kickboxing on speed combined with club music. Fierce Fitness offers your first bootcamp or kickboxing class for free and is worth checking out if you’re looking to really sweat.

During the class, you buddy up with a partner to go through various drills together like doing push-ups head to head or holding one another’s feet during ab work. Since I went solo, I partnered up with a very nice stranger who happened to be the tallest person in the class. At a mean 5’1″, I was the shortest by a landslide, but whateves.

So, me and my new pal, Tall Dude, cheered each other on as we took turns torturing the other. “You got this! 1 more minute!” he’d say as I would do a crunch, punch 4 times side to side not quite reaching the punch mitts he held at arms length (which, for him, is probably my whole body length) and then I’d repeat approximately 1923702137201937201937 times. I looked a little frantic throughout the class… kind of like a human hamster running on a wheel, but I am thankful there was someone to smile at me as I cursed under my breath. Tall Dude, you’re a pal.

After taking a couple of classes at this studio I have come to this realization: you don’t got to Fierce Fitness to workout. You go to Fierce Fitness to kick your own bum on purpose. And, my bum can say that it feels sufficiently kicked.

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