Nightclub. ZUMBA. Exists. Mind = blown.


Since starting pdXercise, people who have taken some form of dance in the past have recommended that I, no-dance-ever-Agatha, try ZUMBA. They’ve assured me that it doesn’t matter that I’m choreography-phobic… or that I’m highly uncoordinated… or that I trip while walking on flat surfaces. But, for reasons unknown, I’ve been too intimated to try ZUMBA until now thanks to PulsePDX.

PulsePDX’s ZUMBA* nightclub class takes place in a club-like environment so it’s dark and there are no mirrors for you to judge yourself in. BRILLIANT, right? It also only costs $10 for a single class drop-in and if you decide to sign up afterward, they put that money towards your new membership making your first class basically free. These are the reasons I decided to ignore my “you move like an elephant” thoughts, slap on a new headband and channel my inner-Flashdance. I also dragged two of my pals, Megan and Jen, with me to make sure that I wouldn’t chicken out–thanks guys!

When we walked into the studio, we were greeted by a dance floor, a disco ball spinning from the ceiling and a stage with a DJ booth on it–this would be where 3 instructors would take turns leading us through different routines by song. When the music started, I did my best to follow along and I found that while I am indeed still terrible at choreography, the fun factor of the class cancels this out. There were more than a few times that I wound up going in the opposite direction from the rest of the class, but I definitely shimmied, grape vined, attempted salsa moves and there may have been what some would call ‘twerking.’

Here’s the really cool thing: no one else seemed to notice that I didn’t know what I was doing (except maybe the person next to me who I bumped into a couple of times but we’re cool now) because as I mentioned, the dark lighting and no mirror design kept it hidden from those around me. I mean… LOOK! Photographic evidence that I’m not a liar and that I did this and that I am having FUN even if I do look a little like the Tin Man:


If you are a great dancer, try PulsePDX. If you are a terrible dancer, try PulsePDX. The instructors are super friendly and along with nightclub ZUMBA, they also offer other classes that sound equally as fun like Hot Hula! This place is great at tricking you into working out. I’m going back for more soon.

*I purposefully refer to ZUMBA in all caps because that is how it makes me feel, so that is how I say it out loud and also in my head. ZUUUUUMMMMBBBAAAAA!

9 thoughts on “Nightclub. ZUMBA. Exists. Mind = blown.

  1. I love this blog post so much! Starting PulsePDX was a labor of the love for the Pulse team and it has been such an amazing journey watching it grow and develop. I am delighted by all of the inspiring students I see each day; from the people that come to Pulse to improve their health, to those that come to take a break from difficult life events, to those that just come because moving to music feels good. But I think the most inspiring students are those that come in thinking they can’t do it, but still come in anyway! It can be hard to step outside of our comfort zones, give ourselves permission to try things and not be perfect, and to have a sense of humor while doing it! Kudos to you for taking that first class! I am looking forward to seeing you at many more :).

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