Hey uncoordinated lady: belly dance!

Last week, you guys voted on what I should try next and belly dancing won. As a result, I will now share with the Internet my very pale belly. You’re welcome.


You may notice that the background of this studio looks very similar to a living room and that is because it actually is my living room. Not only did I try belly dancing, I tried belly dancing via a live online class.

My belly dancing story begins with a bit of a false start. I was PUMPED to try belly dance and signed up for an in-person class at a studio in PDX only to find that my instructor flaked out and never showed. I was super bummed that I’d have nothing to blog about so I feverishly started Googling around and stumbled upon Henna Dances.

Henna is a local belly dance instructor who, in addition to teaching classes in-person, offers ones online through a webcam class site called PowHow.com. You get 20% off of your first class if you use the code “WELCOME” at checkout, plus if you refer a pal, you get the class for free.

And, that is how I found myself in my own living room belly dancing at 9pm at night in a sports bra. I pushed all of my furniture aside and arranged my computer so that Henna could see me through my webcam. I turned out to be the only attendee in the class that day so I wound up having my own personal training session at home, which was an unexpected perk.

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know that I am the WORST at choreography. If you haven’t been following along with my blog, I am the WORST at choreography. Regardless, I found the rhythmic movements in belly dance to be a lot easier to keep up with than other dance classes I’ve taken lately.

Henna taught me how to do some hip and chest isolations and movements, which are sneaky hard because they require incredible muscle control. I’m still sweating. We ended the class with hip shimmies which are the sh*t. Before this class, I didn’t even know my hips could shimmy. I love them so much that I’ve been practicing them all day when no one else is watching. 

Even though this class wasn’t in person, I was blown away at how well Henna explained belly dance to me through a computer screen. She was even able to spot when I fell out of form and correct my posture a number of times. I had so much fun belly dancing with Henna that I definitely plan on checking out one of her in-person classes that she’s teaching in Portland this fall.

Thanks to everyone who voted on belly dancing. If you see some lady hip shimmying in the office or down an empty grocery store aisle, it’s probably me. Apologies in advance.

3 thoughts on “Hey uncoordinated lady: belly dance!

  1. Haha, it sounds like you’re hooked already if you’re shimmying in random places after just one class! Congratulations, and welcome to the world of bellydance 🙂 I hope you are able to get to in-person classes, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

    This is just me being a bit pedantic, but bellydance doesn’t really fit very well in the category of ‘exotic dancing’, which usually means stuff like pole dancing and burlesque that is overtly sexual – bellydance originally came from folk dances from the Middle East, and these days it’s a party dance that normal people in Egypt do at family weddings and other celebrations, as well as being a performance art. So, it has more in common with other ethnic dances like Flamenco or Hula than with ‘exotic dancing’ 😉

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’m humbled that you read my blog and appreciate the correction on the categorization of belly dance. I clearly need to do some more homework— I see lots of classes and shimmying in my near future. 🙂 Cheers!

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