Barre3 in the park like a boss

Yesterday marked 2 important milestones for me– I accomplished my first-ever Barre class. And, I accomplished my first-ever Barre class outside. barre3pdxercise copy

To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, Barre3 offered a free class to the public this weekend. The class took place in The Fields park in the Pearl District and thankfully Portland got the memo and decided to put on the most beautiful sun-fest for everyone that attended.

When it comes to outdoor exercise, I’ve only ever done things where I’m moving fast like boot camps or jogging so there is really a limited window that someone can catch me doing something silly like say, tripping over my own two feet and falling. Doing Barre in the park meant that people could stare at me since I would never really leave my yoga mat. This was an intimidating thought. Thankfully 3 seconds after I had it, I remembered that I recently posted my nekked belly on the Internet and also wrote about learning how to pole dance, so now would be a weird time to start getting embarrassed about that kind of stuff.

The good news is that HUNDREDS of people showed up for the class so me falling wouldn’t really stand out much from the sea of yoga mats that peppered Fields park. And indeed it didn’t because while I did fall a couple of times, the vibe of the class was so encouraging I didn’t even care. I think there is something magical that comes out of that many people working out in unison together and I suppose that feeling is what made me feel so comfortable and inspired while exercising in broad daylight (plus my pals Alissa and Megan were there, too!).barre3pdxercise2 copy

The class mixed moves from yoga, pilates and ballet together to create a workout that I’m still sore from a day later. Unlike the boredom I tend to feel from the slowness of postures that go along with yoga and pilates, Barre3 is incredibly upbeat.

The class is done with a “core ball” which is basically a small bosu ball whose sole purpose is to torture your muscles (but in a good way!). It made seemingly small, isolated movements, hard as hell. For instance, we squeezed the ball between our quads while standing on our toes and placed it under our backs as we did bicycle kicks in the air, all of which made my entire body shake with muscle fatigue. Something the Barre3 founder, Sadie Lincoln, referred to as the “Barre3 earthquake” as she taught the class. Aptly named.

Outside of this fun event in the park, Barre3 periodically has free community classes taught in their studios when they are training new instructors and they have a few complimentary online classes too. They also often partner with places in town like Athleta who happens to have a free Barre3 class going on this month.

If you’ve been following my blog every week you know that I am not good at committing to exercise… this is why I try so many new things and why I started After taking Barre3 though, I can honestly say that I want a second date. I think that’s pretty much as close to committing to a workout as I’ll ever get. Check. Them. Out.

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