STFU, I like yoga now?

Yoga and I are like unrequited lovers. Yoga always looks so good, so I try it out and yoga tells me that it will love me forever and then I flake out on yoga and forget to call. Then, yoga is all like, “it’s okay baby, I’ll take you back,” 6 months later when I notice it again.


But, this last class that I took at YoYoYogi has me smitten. So smitten, in fact, that I was practicing crow pose in my own house because I couldn’t stop thinking about yoga. WHO AM I?? YoYoYogi and I met earlier this week on a day that I can only describe as a terrible, awful, no, good, very bad day. I needed something to help rid myself of the crazy so my pal, Alissa, suggested that I try out a hot yoga class at YoYoYogi.  She said that unlike other places in town, she thought this studio had “personality.” I laughed and called her a hippie, but since my first hot yoga experience did end with one of the best endorphin highs I’ve ever had, I decided to give it a try.

I’m really glad that I did because when I entered YoYoYogi’s hot yoga studio, my body had a visceral response to the room. With stunning hardwood floors and exposed beams and brick, YoYoYogi felt like a literal interpretation of an urban oasis and I sunk into my yoga mat welcoming the calm that wafted over me. I can’t say that I forgot all about the stress-filled day I’d had, but I can say that the class did a good job of moving those thoughts to the back of my mind.

The instructor, Lara, led the class through pose after pose encouraging us with words like “awesome” and “beautiful” and had a playlist sporting up-beat tunes in the background that put every other Enya-y yoga playlist to shame.  At the end of the class, I was glistening– as in my face but also my mood.


What can I say? YoYoYogi’s hot yoga class makes me raccoon-eyed and happy. But Alissa was right, YoYoYogi definitely has personality and I can’t wait to go back.

Thankfully, September is national yoga month which means studios around town are doing some fun (and free) things soon and YoYoYogi is no exception as they’ll be offering a number of comped classes at Athelta in the Pearl district. Check out my new upcoming free events calendar— I’ve listed those YoYoYogi classes as well as other free workouts in the area and will be updating often.

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