They call me “short saddle”

Did you know that the reason I have never enjoyed riding stationary bikes is in part due to the fact that I’m so short that most stationary bikes don’t fit me properly? Did you know that the other reason is in part due to the fact that riding a stationary bike is really f*cking hard?


That’s my spinning face. I know it’s not entirely clear that I’m thinking “OMG-I-DON’T-THINK-I-CAN-DO-THIS-WHY-DO-PEOPLE-DO-THIS-TO-THEMSELVES” but I am definitely thinking that. I had never spun/spinned/tried spinning before entering Revocycle the other day. Truthfully, I’ve pretty much avoided spinning like the plague because up until now, I’ve felt like I’ve needed blocks and/or tall platform shoes in order to reach the pedals comfortably.

But, Revocycle offers your first 2 classes for free, so I decided I’d put my preconceived notions about spinning to the side and just try it already. I’m really glad that I did because within 5 minutes of being in the studio, the instructor dispelled the real reason biking hasn’t been fun for me: I need a “short saddle”… aka a smaller seat than most adult-sized adults… aka I am the size of a large child.

Once I got my seat all squared away, I got started with my “icebreaker,” which is a 30 minute class Revocycle offers for newbies like me (don’t be fooled by the class’s name or length, this class is big-sweat-beads-down-your-back hard– especially if you’ve never really, truly pedaled like a big girl before).


I learned how to increase and decrease resistance and to match my pedaling to the beats of the music that the instructor played. We turned the resistance all the way up to “climb” and then put the resistance all the way down and increased our pedal frequency. Then, we did variations of the two. And then, I wanted to puke (in a good way!) from how hard the class was. 

The instructor at Revocycle was easy to follow and incredibly positive. She taught me a wealth of information about spinning and explained the real (and incorrect) reason I have been anti-spinning my whole life. While spinning is still not my primary exercise of choice, I understand now why people are addicted to it. The class was tough and the endorphin rush post-class makes for a great rest of the day. 

(Note: I suppose at this point in my blog post I should mention something the no one ever talks about: if you’re going to try a spin class, you should buy some biking shorts first. Those suckers have padding in them…for your bum! Yoga pants, on the other hand, do not. I have proof, but that’s for another blog and another time.)

6 thoughts on “They call me “short saddle”

  1. Girl, we are spinning in the same circles — I tried Revocycle last week! If you haven’t done your second complimentary class yet, we should coordinate and suffer together. : )

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