Dancing with 2-year-olds and loving it

This weekend, BodyVox hosted their annual Free Dance Day. As the terribly coordinated human being that I am, I obviously decided that I should go check out their studio, but bring my daughter to mask said terrible-coordinatedness. Good parenting is knowing when to use your child’s cuteness to your advantage.


Just kidding, it was an excuse to buy lots of tutus and dance shoes for my kid!

Here’s the thing: I’ve never been inside of a proper dance studio like BodyVox before this weekend, so naturally, my preconceived notion of what real dance studios are included lots of ballerinas with buns in their hair and everyone wearing tap shoes. This could not be farther from reality.

The staff at BodyVox are all super down to earth and sweet enough to hold my daughter when she demanded that they pick her up and then proceed to walk around the studio with her as she directed them around in the charming way only a toddler can. The Move Together class we attended was also equally as welcoming. The instructor and his assistant somehow figured out a way to captivate the attention of 2-year-olds with ribbons and music. I plan on using this trick until my daughter is well into high school.

We learned how to dance with each part of our bodies by wiggling our arms and crawling on our elbows. We jumped and spun to the letters of the alphabet and then played some musical instruments. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking: why is she blogging about her daughter’s dance class? She runs a fitness blog. Well, because I sweat during my daughter’s dance class. That’s why.

Not only did I spend 45 minutes chasing after my daughter when she decided she wanted to stop dancing and go after something shiny or needed some water or wanted a “‘nack” (snack), I also did the routine alongside the rest of the class. If you ask me, Move Together is a great way to bond with your kid while simultaneously sneaking in some light exercise.

I’m excited to go back to BodyVox and may even attempt a (beginner!) class sans child. Be sure to check out BodyVox’s schedule for their fun, upcoming events. While their classes aren’t normally free, they do have some interesting ones I would definitely think about shelling out some cash for including beginning ballet and wine tasting class. Riiight?

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