pdXercise confessions: my app obsessions

I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to mobile apps so my recent exercise endeavor has led to a lot of extra downloading. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites since they’ve become a staple in getting my bum to a class.


LuLuLemon’s Om Finder App shows you what yoga classes are happening in your area right now. This is especially helpful for when I travel since I opt not to bring sneakers in my bag to save space (for extra heels, duh!) and need to find classes that I can take shoe-less.


MINDBODY’s Connect App shows you all classes available in your area that use the Mindbody schedule system. You may not realize this, but I’ve found that most places I visit use this system, so that’s a GIANT pool of studios and gyms to choose from. Also, since it’s connected to the Mindbody system, it stores all of your favorites for you and you can book classes right from your phone.


MINDBODY’s Fitness App is similar to their connect app, but you can narrow down by type of fitness instead of seeing everything all at once.


Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of geekdom! If you know of or use any other tools please share those with me in the comments section so that I can continue to research while pushing my glasses up my nose. K, thanks!

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