Pole dancing with even more strangers

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that I recently pole danced with strangers and loved it. So, I went back to pole dance with even more strangers! This time to a different studio in town called The Pole Palace.


Pole Palace is in N Portland and has been running some sweet Yelp deals so I took advantage of their offer and attended my first pole class done on a spinning pole.

Spinning pole, you say?! That’s right. Spinning. As in, the pole, spins by itself. As in, every move you make winds up being super fast. As in, I am still dizzy.

In addition to spinny poles, this class was very different from my first class in a number of ways. The poles were coated in jewel colored enamel so it wasn’t as painful as my first class on straight-up metal poles– although this time did result in some minor bruising on my arm meat. Cute.


The lights at this place were totally on whereas my last class had some nice black lighting to minimize the fact that I was pole dancing with strangers in booty shorts. This time, I couldn’t stop thinking “booty. short. boot short. BOOTY SHORT!”

It was also super hot.

And, I don’t really mean sexy-hot. I mean sweat-beads-hot. To be fair, we are in the middle of a heat wave and I have a terrible track record with those. The first one we had this summer, I decided to begin my exercise experiment by doing some hot yoga… you know because I wasn’t already hot enough. This go round, I pole danced in a place that was tiny, completely full (we had to share poles) and did not appear to have a/c. Lol, heat waves! You win again.

Now, back to the spinniness…

polepalacepdxerciseSince I am still very much a pole novice, that meant that I did a lot of spins and then couldn’t figure out how to actually get off of the pole to stop spinning. I just kept on spinning and spinning and… kind of like this animated gif.

Thankfully, my very kind instructor showed me how to place my feet a couple of steps ahead of myself to anticipate the added spin when getting off of the pole. This helped. Although I still looked about as graceful as an elephant.

During the class we also practiced climbing and I successfully made it up the pole. What. Up. Now. I couldn’t figure out how to get down though. But hey, baby steps!

I still stand by my earlier sentiments about pole dancing– its fun factor is equally matched by its difficulty, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and then promptly guzzle buckets of water and pass out in bed from exhaustion after you try it.

With 2 for 1 deals, The Pole Palace does have the cheapest rates I’ve seen around town yet, but I think I’ll stick with non-spinny poles (and a/c!!) for the time being.

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