And my Pilates saga continues…

Last night, I attended a class at Pil-oga-robic. It’s a studio in NE Portland that combines Pilates, yoga, cardio and strength training. Kind of like Pilates/yoga/cardio… or… Pil-oga-robics.


The p-o-r WALL class I took felt akin to bootcamp classes I’ve taken in the past, just with the  added element of grace from reformers and bungee resistance instead of burpees and push-ups. 

Pil-oga-robic is aptly named… although not the easiest to say out-loud at first. Especially when you get lost and have to ask a random store-owner for directions like I did.




“A yoga studio?”

“Kind of. PIL-oga-robic. Do you know where it is.”


Thank goodness for Google. Once I finally got to the studio I was excited by the space. It’s on the small side but the gym is totally open with exposed beams and lots of fun looking equipment like Pilates reformers and ceiling clips.


Now, you guys know how I feel about Pilates… I don’t really get them. When I say that I’m saying so in a really nice-perplexed-help-me-understand-face kind of way, not in a jerky-face kind of way. I don’t have anything against Pilates, it’s just that to date, my only exposure has been through mat Pilates. And, I have always found mat Pilates to be a snoozefest (okay, that was said a little jerky-faced).

But, the added intensity of cardio in Pil-oga-robics plus my first-ever attempt at a reformer made this Pilates-esque class far from boring. We started the workout with some light cardio and then delved into strength training by rotating stations alongside their WALL which contains bungee cords, a reformer, Bosu balls and even an inversion swing.

At first blush, the setup wasn’t intimidating. I mean, there weren’t any weights or anything like that so it would just be like a hardcore Pilates/yoga thingy, right? Wrong. 2 rounds around their WALL of jumping squats, holding my own weight via a swing, ab killer reformer moves, and arm dips to name just a few, had my muscles singing the tune of “f*ck you, lady.” And oh, what a sweet tune  that is.

Pil-oga-robic offers your first class for free and while the classes are pretty popular, it still felt very personalized. The instructors are incredibly attentive to everyone’s needs and offer lots of alternatives to supplement any injuries or current ouchies people in the class are suffering from. It was nice not to feel just like a sweaty person in a class but rather a person person… well, a sweaty person person.

A day after the fact and my muscles are still singing. I definitely want to go back to the studio again to try out more of their Pilates/yoga/cardio fusions since all of their classes are different. They pair those combinations into countless forms and swear that “your body will never get bored.” This is good news for me and my exercise ADD indeed.

Maybe this Pilates thing ins’t so bad after all. Admittedly, I am not a convert just yet, but I think I have some more research to do on reformers before I make a final decision one way or the other. You win for now, Pilates…

2 thoughts on “And my Pilates saga continues…

  1. Thanks for testing us out Agatha! We loved having you and we love you blog. We posted your blog and review on our facebook page today. Let us know when you want to come in and try out a Pil-oga-robic or POR Inversion Swing class, I think you will love them:-)


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