It’s the little things that count…and also kick your booty

As a 5’1″ individual, it may come as a shock to everyone that I tend to embrace the big things over the small (and by shock I mean not at all). I like tall shoes. I talk loudly. I can spill a glass of water across the table with one giant, spastic lift of my fork.


So, the thought of purposely choosing small, isolated movements as exercise over big jumping jacks and long runs was something that never occurred to me until I took a Barre3 class. 

I’ve been enamored with Barre3 ever since I joined in on the Barre3 in the park event that happened last month. The idea of layering Pilates, yoga and ballet together is interesting to me because it plays into my exercise ADD… just when I’d get bored with squats, we’d lift our toes like a ballerina. Suck it, boredom! But, that was their outdoor class, so I was eager to see if their indoor class would hold my attention in the same way.


Thankfully, my new pal, Jessica (whom I met in a locker room while talking about pole dancing… which is a totally normal thing to do, btw), offered to show me the ropes at the Barre3 Pearl District studio since she is a devoted attendee.

When we arrived, I was shocked at how little the studio was. The room was lined with a ballet barre and each of us had about an arm’s width of space to ourselves. Again, my “think BIG” mentality got the best of me… how could we possibly have a good workout with such a tiny amount of space? I was wrong. Like owey-sore the next morning wrong.

We pulsed different muscle groups while standing using hand-weights and squeezing a bosu-ball-like-ball between our legs. Then we’d do similar isolations while laying on the floor to target our abs. Even though we barely left our small stations, it was HARD. The ballet barre was also a fun addition. We used it for balance, resistance and even to stretch our legs. As the most non-dancer-y-dancer out there, it was fun to play ballerina in my head.

As the class ended, I realized that I had been watching the person in front of me the entire time and that I got increasingly jealous over her moves as the class went on– because her moves were so microscopic she looked like she was barely moving! That’s so hardcore. It’s funny to think she became the epitome of fitness in my head after class when I walked into that studio thinking hardcore workouts required all things BIG.


Barre3 offers a free online trail and periodically has “Community Free” Instructor in Training classes taught in their studios. In fact, a couple of Barre3 studios are holding free classes for the last bit of September, which I’ve listed out for you in my free class calendar here. Enjoy!

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