Dear Pilates: I think I owe you an apology…


Remember that time I said that Pilates was boring? I was a liar. 

(Okay, wait. To be fair, I didn’t know I was a liar when I said it. But, I was. p.s. I’m an awesome apologizer.)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on a bit of a Pilates binge. At first, it was intentional to try to see if I truly disliked Pilates like I thought I did… then, it quickly turned accidental as I started to crave it… like a milkshake… except a lot healthier.

And that’s how I found myself at my first-ever full Reformers class at NW Pilates. NW Pilates is a sweet studio located near Forest Park in northwest. The studio’s owner, Elizabeth, was nice enough to invite me and a couple of pals to try out her studio and we jumped at the chance to check out Reformer machines.


Before NW Pilates, I had only ever been on a Reformer briefly during a Pilates-fusion class and then during a “Pyrolates” class I took last week. Both of those were very nontraditional versions of Pilates so I was psyched to go back to its roots… and a little intimidated.

Let’s be honest for a second: Reformer machines pretty much look like modern-day torture devices. As someone who does not regularly use them, they definitely seemed more akin to the rack than to that of a yoga mat. Looks can be deceiving, guys. Reformers are just misunderstood transformer toys for grown-ups. Once you know how all of the pieces work (or have a very nice instructor who moves them around for you), it’s just like a personal mini gym you get all to yourself.


We started on our backs and used the machine for some leg resistance and core work. Then, we progressed to work out basically everything else. Arms, legs, abs, everything (and we had cute chandeliers above our heads to help cheer us on). The movements in Pilates are really elegant on people who practice Pilates. I watched limbs move gracefully through the air as I did my short-legged, spastic leg-kick equivalents. I was a donkey in a sea of prancing horses… but donkeys can be cute, right?

NW Pilates houses up to 5 people at a time, which makes for a very intimate exercise experience. The instructor even had the uncanny ability to hold a conversation while correcting poses in the same breath making the class feel like I was having tea with a pal… just minus the tea part and add in some extra sweating.

From an exhaustion level, it didn’t feel like I had worked out my whole body even though I had. Quite the opposite, really. I felt rejuvenated and stretched. The coolest thing about Pilates is that its difficulty level can be customized to whatever you are personally feeling or not feeling, making it perfect for every type of exerciser… even the Pilates-nay-sayer-spastic-leg-kickers like I used to be.

Am I a Pilates convert? Yep. I definitely cannot wait to try more Reformers classes and I’m thankful to NW Pilates for officially initiating me into the Pilates posse. Oh, Pilates. Thank you for putting up with my bullsh*t. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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