I’m running away & joining the circus! JK It’s just an Acrobalance class.


Who’s that lady on the bottom right? Oh, that’s just me. No biggie.

I’m starting to get quite the reputation within my circle of friends as being a bit of a flake because of exchanges that go something like this:

“Hey, want to go to this fitness class with me?”

“What kind of class is it?”

“No idea… want to go?”

It speaks to the caliber of my friendships that I have very rarely gotten a “no” in response. That’s how my (very trusting) friend, Rebekah, and I wound up taking an Acrobalance class together this week.

Athleta is at it again this month offering really neat classes within their stores after hours including an Acrobalance class. Acrobalance isn’t something I had ever heard of before, so when I saw that it was being offered for free at Athleta, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out and Rebekah was cool enough to agree to go with me even though I gave her pretty much zero information beforehand.


We walked into the class and were greeted by our lovely instructors, Marina and James. As I’ve found with most free classes offered in Portland, the turn-out was tiny. 3 of us showed up and 2 of those people were Rebekah and me. I’m not complaining when I say this, I’m more shocked that so many people missed out on the fun.

So, the 3 of us, plus Marina and James, embarked on what can only be described as a human-transformer situation.

We partnered up for most of the class and got into circus-like yoga poses together. As a self-proclaimed GIANT KLUTZ, I was nervous at first when we started to do inversions. I kept screaming “Don’t fall on your face. Don’t fall on your face!” inside my head, but thankfully, I was confident enough to trust my instructor and just go for it.

If this blog has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you have to tell yourself to shut the f*ck up. So, that’s what I did and the payoff was pretty rewarding. While Acrobalance is not a sweaty, cardio-based class, it certainly is strength training and I got a giant jolt of endorphins afterward that left me wide awake and happy that night.


Acrobalance looks scarier than it is. The thought of having strangers hold you up and vice versa can be weird at first, but the poses are so solid that people of all shapes and sizes can perform them together. I was definitely the shortest person in the class (shocker!), but I was able to switch between being the bottom (or base) and top (or flier) within poses with minimal  issues. Athleta is offering this Acrobalance class once more time this month on the 25th at 7:15pm for FREE and I highly recommend you check it out. C’mon! Shut the f*ck up and just go!

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