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Hi, my name is Agatha and welcome to my exercise experiment! I’m not a gym rat or a nutrition freak–I just like to keep in shape on the side, but I tend to get bored easily when I workout.

To combat my “exercise ADD” I try out and review all types of exercise offered in Portland… as long as they’re free or cheap to try. As I crawl through PDX, I’ll share the deals that gyms offer here as well as give you insight into what studios are worth the sweat.

Want more info? Have a class you think I should try? Please email me or contact me via Twitter.

One thought on “About pdXercise

  1. Hi, your blog looks awesome! I’m curious if you’d be interested in taking class at my studio and putting something up here on your blog? I’d be happy to get you in here to take class for free. We are trying to spread the word about how awesome we are =0)

    A little about us: Pure Barre has over 270 studios across the nation. We are the first to open in Portland and we are super excited. We use small isometric movements in the class. We work every major muscle group in the body and after each muscle group, we do a stretch. This creates a longer, leaner muscle as opposed to bulking.

    The class is formatted a certain way and the choreography always changes, so not every class you take will be the same. It’s very musically driven and each client will get hands on attention at least once during class, if not more.

    We are different from Barre3, Barre Method and Xtend Barre because we have more ballet conditioning and less yoga/palates. the class is very fast paced, not allowing you to think about things going on in your personal life etc.

    Here is a fantastic video:

    Please give me a call or e-mail me. Would love to meet you and have you take a class.

    Stephanie Richen
    (206) 427-8386

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