It’s the little things that count…and also kick your booty

As a 5’1″ individual, it may come as a shock to everyone that I tend to embrace the big things over the small (and by shock I mean not at all). I like tall shoes. I talk loudly. I can spill a glass of water across the table with one giant, spastic lift of my fork.


So, the thought of purposely choosing small, isolated movements as exercise over big jumping jacks and long runs was something that never occurred to me until I took a Barre3 class.  Continue reading

Barre3 in the park like a boss

Yesterday marked 2 important milestones for me– I accomplished my first-ever Barre class. And, I accomplished my first-ever Barre class outside. barre3pdxercise copy

To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, Barre3 offered a free class to the public this weekend. The class took place in The Fields park in the Pearl District and thankfully Portland got the memo and decided to put on the most beautiful sun-fest for everyone that attended. Continue reading