Dancing with 2-year-olds and loving it

This weekend, BodyVox hosted their annual Free Dance Day. As the terribly coordinated human being that I am, I obviously decided that I should go check out their studio, but bring my daughter to mask said terrible-coordinatedness. Good parenting is knowing when to use your child’s cuteness to your advantage.


Just kidding, it was an excuse to buy lots of tutus and dance shoes for my kid! Continue reading

It’s bring my daughter to workout day

I have a very opinionated baby at home. Her favorite words include “NO” and “avocado!” When she states the latter, she is not asking, she is merely warning that you ¬†have approximately 5 seconds to get her some damn avocado before she freaks out all over this place, thank you very much. And so, getting out the door to go and exercise can be a bit of a song and dance that goes something like this:

“Mommy needs to go bye bye.”


“Okay, Mommy is going bye bye now,” I’ll give a little wave and start to walk away.

“NOOOOOOO!” She’ll scream and lunge for my legs.

I’ll look down at her, and she’ll undoubtedly have already conjured up a single tear to roll down her cheek (an art she has perfected that literally makes my heart hurt),¬†“avocado!” she’ll say. Continue reading