pdXercise guest post: kicking egos and taking numbers


I asked my pal and co-worker, Jen, to guest blog and share her wisdom with us all… because she kind of killed it at Firebrand Sports the other day. Firebrand was nice enough to offer some free “lunchtime express” classes to our office. I went with Jen to their “Pyrolates” class and then me and my jelly legs promptly left to go back to our desk and silently cry. Jen, on the other hand, immediately went on to finish their cycling class back to back… making her the official queen of badassery.  Continue reading

They call me “short saddle”

Did you know that the reason I have never enjoyed riding stationary bikes is in part due to the fact that I’m so short that most stationary bikes don’t fit me properly? Did you know that the other reason is in part due to the fact that riding a stationary bike is really f*cking hard?


That’s my spinning face. I know it’s not entirely clear that I’m thinking “OMG-I-DON’T-THINK-I-CAN-DO-THIS-WHY-DO-PEOPLE-DO-THIS-TO-THEMSELVES” but I am definitely thinking that.  Continue reading