pdXercise confessions: who has 2 thumbs and is in 2 accidental workout relationships? This gal.

I, Ms. exercise ADD, have a GIANT confession to make: I have been taking Pilates and pole dancing classes every week. I am not sure how this happened, but I’ve been visiting NW Pilates and the Diva Den Studio like clock-work. I have no idea if I’ll stick with these classes forever, but I seem to have tricked myself into full-on exercise commitment for the time being (of course now that I said that out-loud I’ll probably get cold feet and run away screaming so let’s keep this on the DL).

By the way, this doesn’t mark the end of my exercise experimentation. Hardly! November has way too many fun (and free!) fitness events to stop gym-hopping now. This month features new community rides at Firebrand as well as a complimentary Bamboo Bodies class happening this week at PulsePDX to name just a few. Check out this month’s lineup below!

pdXercise confessions: what I’m committing to… at least for now… maybe


I’ve been exercise experimenting for practically 3 months now, have tried a dozen or so studios and have been a part of so many classes it’s hard to keep them all straight. Readers of this blog keep asking me if I’ve found the classes that I plan on sticking with forever. The truth is that I’m not sure about forever, but I do have three that stand out in my head as something I’d like to do more of. Continue reading

pdXercise confessions

Making sure I get to an exercise class is essential for this blog’s existence. It is also nearly impossible since I work full-time and am a mom full-time. Thanks to my very supportive and understanding husband as well as my MacGyver-gym-bag-packing skills, I’m able to fit exercise into my life whenever I have a free hour to spare. Here’s how:


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Hey, you guys: what should I try next?

By now, you’ve read about my brush with cirque du soleil greatness, my new-found ability to beat up punching bags and that I am, in fact, the most uncoordinated human on Earth.

But, I can’t possibly know everything else that’s out there. I need your help! What do you want to see me try next? Continue reading

Week 1 warrior wounds

It’s been a week since I started this blog so I wanted to give you a little update on how I’m holding up. Mentally, I’m in a strong place and could not be more excited about this experiment. Physically, I’m starting to look like I was in gang fight. Yoga, Pilates and slew of dance classes (including pole dancing. That story soon!) have left me feeling like this amazingly drawn stick figure:


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