In which my belly quits pdXercise and decides to start her own blog

Do you know what the Internet needs more of? Pale bellies! The other day, my very own belly decided to grace the Internet as a tribute to the online belly dance class that I took with Henna, an instructor based in Oregon.


This weekend, I met Henna in person and took my first in-real-life belly dance class, so my belly has decided to make another appearance. In fact, at this rate, she has a mind of her own. Continue reading

Hey uncoordinated lady: belly dance!

Last week, you guys voted on what I should try next and belly dancing won. As a result, I will now share with the Internet my very pale belly. You’re welcome.


You may notice that the background of this studio looks very similar to a living room and that is because it actually is my living room. Not only did I try belly dancing, I tried belly dancing via a live online class. Continue reading