pdXercise confessions: what I’m committing to… at least for now… maybe


I’ve been exercise experimenting for practically 3 months now, have tried a dozen or so studios and have been a part of so many classes it’s hard to keep them all straight. Readers of this blog keep asking me if I’ve found the classes that I plan on sticking with forever. The truth is that I’m not sure about forever, but I do have three that stand out in my head as something I’d like to do more of. Continue reading

Pole dancing with strangers

Dear Mom: please don’t read any further. 

Dear everyone else: pole dancing is wonderful and you should try it right now. GO!

The ladies of  Diva Den Studio were nice enough to invite me to try a pole dancing “taster” class the other day. I arrived with bells on (and by “bells” I really mean “booty shorts” because that is basically the only required attire) and walked into a room filled with black lights and disco balls. It was clear from the very first moment, that this class would be unlike any other workout I’ve tried before. Continue reading

And I danced and had a really, really, really good time: Diva Den Studio

Dancing is really hard, you guys. Especially when there are weights involved. And a bosu ball. And a yoga mat. And a very uncoordinated ME.

Regardless, I danced my ass off  at Diva Den Studio in southwest. I am actually having trouble feeling that part of my body right now.

When I arrived at the Diva Den I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who offered to give me a tour of the studio. As we walked around I couldn’t help but giggle at the decor which, true to its name, is nothing short of bold. There are stripper shoes that adorn the wall alongside lots of pink and glitter. Continue reading