Giving thanks while rock climbing

While I have no problem baring my midriff on the Internet (twice!), sharing my personal life has always been something I have struggled with online. But, this year has been one helluva year and I feel like I need to make a public announcement to fully show my appreciation for 2013. So, here goes… Continue reading


I have exercise ADD. This is a self-diagnosed and made-up disorder (that is only slightly offensive when taken out of context). It is the reason that approximately 5 minutes after I swear to myself that this new class or gym that I’ve signed up for will FINALLY be the motivation I need to keep up with exercising I fail. Every. Single. Time. It’s a terrible cycle.

But, here’s the thing: I really like to exercise. No, seriously. I really do. I just get bored easily.

So, is an experimental cure. I’ll try out and review all types of exercise offered in Portland… as long as it’s free or cheap to try. Kickboxing? Sure. Hot yoga? Why not. Pole dancing? Um, okay. As I crawl through PDX, I’ll share the deals that gyms offer here as well as give you insight into what studios are worth the sweat.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to pdXercise!